Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's war. Again.

I came to this crazy but amazing country 16 years ago just before the Gulf War in 1991. Back then, the big enemy was Iraq and its unconventional weapons, meaning chemical warfare. Each time the sirens sounded we all ran to our improvised sealed rooms with our stupid gas masks on, looking ridiculous while hearing the conventional scuds hit the soil. The US urged Israel not to retaliate to Iraq's constant missiles attack and let the US 'take care' of Iraq and Saddam. So we did, not that it was easy, but we obeyed. The scud attacks stopped after a month and a half. It's weird to say it but that was nothing compared to what we experience now.
Today, we're 16 days into "my second war". This time we have a new enemy: the Hizballah, which is harbored by Lebanon, which is supported by Syria, which is supported by Iran. What a fun crowd!
We find ourselves explaining why we need to fire back at terrorists and we're being told to talk peace while rockets are falling over a third of the country and after two soldiers were kidnapped from within our borders and are now being held hostage.
This time, I'm scared - because the majority of the world's reaction is anything but empathic to Israel. Take France. Now imagine Hizballah controlling Belgian cities and villages, kidnapping two French soldiers from France and then firing 100 rockets a day from "innocent" neighborhoods in southern Belgium and killing French civilians in their homes. Obviously France would gently request to have a chat with the Hizballah over coffee and croissant to discuss how to solve their disagreements. Yeah, right. And I have huge boobies.
I'm scared because this war could easily escalate and can have terrible consequences for the whole western world. We're fighting that war everyone else is afraid to fight: the war against Radical Islam. Europe is running out of Europeans, it's a fact. Soon we will see Muslims demonstrating in France against the French government as they don't let them build little self governed ghettos in France, oops... right... they already did that this year.
How much longer will the world keep acting like the 3 famous monkeys? Avoiding problems does not solve them. We've already been there when Europe laughed at Einstein claming he was paranoid for thinking Hitler would invade Belgium, Netherlands or god forbid France. But yes, that "crazy moustache man" did it. He even surprised my own grandfather when he left Germany for Belgium during the 1940's, he lost his wife and 3 kids. Evil is evil, nothing will stand in his way if no-one takes drastic steps to stop him.
Today's war reminds me of that other war, it's again an ideological war based on pure hatred and racism on a global scale, not a local territorial one as the majority of the media would want you to believe. It's not the "occupied territories problem" - we withdrew from southern Lebanon 6 years ago and from Gaza a year ago. It's just extremely convenient to use this as an excuse in order to squeeze out sympathy from driven humanitarian liberals and have them join their cause against the terrible Zionist oppressor and aggressor who's causing so much trouble and provocation in the Middle East.
Sadly enough, it is almost impossible to convince anyone on the other camp to join yours, their convictions are very deep. Apparently when you tell a lie enough times, in the end it will be regarded as truth. Rectifying the distortion of the truth can take generations. So where do you start? I guess by posting in a blog. But what a long long way to go...
P.S - following my beloved husband's post, let's set the record straight:
I was not panicking. I was just having a minor heart attack combined with asthma while stumbling over my Crocks, not sandals. Sweetheart, accuracy is important.


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