Sunday, July 30, 2006

When good men stay silent

We’re in day 18 of this war, approximately 100 (hundred!) rockets a day are launched at Israel on a daily basis. Many of them are launched from the peaceful village of Qana. You may have already heard, IDF has bombarded parts of Qana in Southern Lebanon today. A building in which were civilians collapsed and there are many women and children among the dozens of casualties. Sadly, they could have been alive now.

IDF sends several days in advance clear messages in Arabic BEFORE bombarding parts of villages. Even if this tactically weakens IDF, it does this for one only reason: allowing civilians to get the hell out of there before the rocket launchers get bombarded. These launchers are usually placed inside strategic locations as in civilians homes. Just next to the nursery and living-room. Even mosques are used for the same purposes. How noble.

The civilians, who remain in these places after IDF warmly suggested them to leave, explicitly declare their endless loyalty to Hizballah. They would die and sacrifice their own people for Hizballah and their cause, which is the destruction of Israel, in case you wondered.

Yeah, yeah we all heard about their cause being “the liberation of prisoners held by the Zionists” but, we also hear the countless other voices and signs in the demonstrations held world-wide: from Australia to NY, from Malaysia to United Kingdom, from Canada to Switzerland. Among them: “Islam Will Dominate”; “We are all Hizbullah”; “Allah Will Destroy The Terrorist State of Israel” etc – hmm, so what exactly is the majority of the world urging us to “negotiate"? When to erase Israel from the map? Negotiate the milestones of the roadmap for Islam to dominate the entire globe? Furthermore, since when is a democratic state expected to negotiate with a terrorist organization that fired (and keeps firing) close to 2,000 rockets at innocent civilians?

These are new times; the world's fear is making it act like a coward. Only cowards negotiate with Evil instead of defeating it. Yes, the world is scared of the Radical Islam fight against the western democratic world. This fight has even united Shiites and Sunnites.

Israel feels terrible each time civilians are caught up in the fire zone. I feel sick when I see IDF left with no other choice than to target terrorists within civilian populations in order to protect our country. Israeli PM Olmert and Chief of Staff have already apologized about this terrible incident in Qana. The only incident Hizballah was so dignified to apologize for is the killing of Arab children in Nazareth. Hizballah's statement included that these children are Shahids now: they died for the superior cause: the destruction of Israel and/or Capitalist America and/or Western civilization.

Am I the only one spotting the differences?


Anonymous Ophir said...

This is so true. The one who should apologize for the deaths among civilians in Lebanon is the one who uses those civilians as a human shield for rocket launchers aimed toward civilians of the other side.

7:04 AM  
Anonymous Jon P. said...

I wouldn't be suprised if Hizbollah members threatened the innocent civilians and made them stay in the building by force.

In other words, if you don't support Hizbollah, you are in essence supporting Israel, and thus you will be shot to death.

It's better for PR if Israel strikes them dead - and so Hizbollah is once again to blame for the unfortunate casualties in Lebanon.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Dory B said...

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times on Tim Russert indicated in that interview that the logic we use in the West is not the same logic they use in these countries. For them a loss is a win. The more that die for them, the more martyrs they have. Their deaths- although more numerous in the current conflict are also more exploited- not just by propoganda and political but for the family of the dead who is honored that they haved died. So honored in fact that it might be possible that these dead were placed there at their peril in order to die.
They were poor, old women and children. And this structure was destroyed 8 hours after it was hit by a missile? Perhaps these were martyrs who were awaiting their calling in Heaven as they were not useful to Allah on Earth?

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Laet said...

The european media are busy with such a hateful propaganda, it's disgusting. As obvious as the Hizaballah's tactics and hate seem to us, the media here just keep on spreading their lies. Informing by forwarding meaningful e-mails is really important.
All of us here (in belgium)are with you, with our minds and with our hearts of course.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Paul Walker said...

The very apt title of the blog reminds me of a quote:

"The only thing evil needs to win, is for good men to do nothing."

12:39 AM  

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