Tuesday, August 08, 2006

CNN reveals how Hizballah plays with the Media

Anderson Cooper from CNN reveals:

After letting us take pictures of a few damaged buildings, they take us to another location, where there are ambulances waiting. This is a heavily orchestrated Hezbollah media event. When we got here, all the ambulances were lined up. We were allowed a few minutes to talk to the ambulance drivers. Then one by one, they've been told to turn on their sirens and zoom off so that all the photographers here can get shots of ambulances rushing off to treat civilians. That's the story that Hezbollah wants people to know about.

These ambulances aren't responding to any new bombings. The sirens are strictly for effect.

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Anonymous Marianne said...

Absolutely absurd. It is impossible for me to comprehend how journalists of the free world actually abide by Hizbollah's coordination efforts to alter every single story by staging everything.

I call for a CNN boycott - a media company that simply can't be trusted.

CNN is now joined with BBC in the dog house. You won't be lying to me anymore. Scumbags.

4:31 AM  
Blogger Dory B said...

Towards the beginning of this war Anderson Cooper was in Haifa and he was wearing a flak jacket to protect him from Katyusha rockets..... Which was quite strange, because flak jackets protect from gunfire. Then Anderson Cooper headed to Beirut and I suppose that was a more logical place to be wearing the fashionable flak jacket. This annoyed me greatly.
But Anderson got my respect when- in this very report you mention admitted that Hezbollah had framed everything that all the journalists who were covering the bombed South Lebanese neighborhood which Hezbollah inhabited was purposefully manipulating the media for it's benefit.
A day later Anderson Cooper was back in Haifa and not wearing a flak jacket anymore. Just Katyusha dodging the best he could.

11:22 PM  

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