Sunday, July 23, 2006

We're Back

It's been a while. We have decided to try again. When i say we i obviously mean myself and my brother. When we first started Cverity (our first attempt at blogging) the blog world was, well not exactly in its infancy, but definately not where it is today. Although we tried to mantain the blog, we each found oursleves in a period of our lives where doing so was difficult.

There are thousands of blogs today. From sex blogs to political blogs its all there. So whats the point of having yet another blog to the thousands already out there? Well, there may be no point. Hopefully, some of our friends and family from around the globe will see this blog as a place to read about some of things going on in Israel - at least from our viewpoint.

So here we are, my first post, 11 days into the second Israel - Lebanon War.

The other night my wife and I were sitting at home, in Tel Aviv. I was as usual glued to the TV, listening to the news. Thats all i do nowadays. My wife, she was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Suddenly we here Boom after Boom. My wife immediately came running to me, she was panicking. She ran, put on her sandals turned off the stove, left the food as is and in a half crying voice said to me lets go downstairs immediately. Downstairs means the bomb shelter in our building. I asked her to calm down for a moment, i took a look out the window and recognized the sound as fireworks that we often hear around where we live since we are very close to Israel's amusment park and park area where concerts often take place. She was not immediately convinced that it was fireworks but after a minute or so when it stopped she realized that Tel Aviv was not under missle attack, only fireworks.

I write this just to give you the general feeling in Israel. Even in Tel Aviv where things are seemingly going on as usual, things are tense. People are tense. And scared. And if this is how we feel in Tel Aviv, I cannot imagine what the people living in the north of the country feel when they hear those booms and sirens wailing in the backround not to mention the Lebanese who have to hear bombs falling on a daily basis.

How much longer will this last? Personally I hope it ends and ends soon. But like the majority of the Israeli public I too believe this should not end without significant Israeli gains - mainly moving Hizballah and its missles out of the south of Lebanon.


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Glad to see the site resurrected! Love and blessing from San Francisco...

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