Sunday, July 30, 2006

Has the time come?

They say that "history repeats itself". I say: brace yourself for a possible world war.

I feel it, as if it was a part of me. Every time I touch the earth I feel a burning & bubbling sensation. Visualize a boiling pot nearing its boiling point. We're almost ready.

Take a quick tour around our wonderful globe - you will see shades of darkness.

Pakistan - India
Sudan - Darfur
USA - Iraq
Israel - Lebanon (Hizbollah)
Russia - Chechnya

In addition to these current conflicts, we have players like Kim from North Korea, who reminds me of the Nazi movement with their march for pride and power.

Then you have the constant but subtle threat of the sneaky Russians and Chinese. I don't know what's up with them, but every time I see Putin and Jintao I get the shivers.

Lastly, the award for the primary instigator and core immediate threat is given to Iran. With consistent and ongoing Anti-US and Anti-Israel rhetoric, Iran's president has publicly called for Israel's destruction and makes no attempt in denying his goals, and his methods of achieving these goals. Iran is the #1 representative of terrorist organizations and activities. In essence, they are the ones we should be blaming for the continuous instability in the region.

Here’s a recap of the situation: We have a crazy leader, brainwashing millions and millions of his people (and other people, apparently) into believing that destruction upon Israel is their duty, and their primary objective. Use all means necessary.

Doesn't this formula remind you of 70 years ago? When a crazy man named Hitler got on TV endlessly and called for the destruction of Jews? He also succeeded in brainwashing millions of his people into accepting and executing this idea. Some years later over 6 millions Jews were murdered, nations were conquered, and a world war had emerged.

I find it absurdly amusing that these clowns don't even have the decency to hide their evil nature. They publicly display it. Heck, they are proud of it. But what isn't funny to me, is that too many nations and people - most likely due to their natural anti-Semitic sentiment - are too quick to criticize Israel. Others are typical liberals who see Israel as an equal to the US and will unconditionally criticize Israel and the US.

This ignorance is definitely playing into the hands of the Iranians and Syrians, and is impeding the progress of a New World Order - a new world in which Islamic Fascism is defeated. A new world in which other nations, aside from our Western democratic nations, can realize the benefits of human rights, gender and race equality, religious tolerance and a growing economy.

The war is inevitable. The question is timing. We need one last world war in order to take humanity to its next level in our evolutionary process. I just hope we minimize innocent casualties, and maximize damage to the terrorist states and groups.

When I say we need one last war, its sole purpose is to eradicate the "evil" that does exist in this world, and to pave way for a true and lasting peace where dialogue is meaningful, and the desire to make peace is natural and honest.


Anonymous viciouscyclist said...

We live in a f'd up world where a state is expected to act like a state in the face of an existential threat that has no moral boundaries. If Hizbullah put down it's arms there would be peace. If Israel put down it's arms it would face annhilation. This point has been completely lost.

Likewise if Hizbullah didn't use civilian centers to launch attacks on civilians, no civilians would be killed. Period.

Alas, hatred for Jews will always hinder Arab countries ability to be introspective, take responsibility for their own country.

I heard an American Lebanese man talking to a concerned friend who'd called to ask about his relatives. He expressed his dismay at Israel's "disproportionate response." He equated it to punishing a whole family because their kid (presumably Hizbullah) is doing drugs. I could not believe that this Doctor had actually used such an inappropriate metaphor. First of all, portraying Lebanon as the parent of this kid brings up the obvious question. Who if not the parent is responsible for the actions of their child? A far more appropriate analogy is this: If your kid is playing with fire, don't be surprised if the whole house burns down.

12:32 AM  
Blogger alex said...

i guess this is a sentiment that's going around b/c i heard a segment about it on NPR today. one of the most interesting things was that a gallup poll taken in 1950, during the korean war and at the outset of the cold war, showed that over 50% of the american population thought they were in the midst of WWIII. in reality, the actual violence lasted a little over a month.
it was also interesting how they turned to academic historians to make sense of the whole thing. our lives are so short in the grand scheme of things that we need people with better perspectives to help us understand what's going on. who knows what the current conflicts will yield, but it was comforting to hear those takes on it.

9:11 AM  
Blogger Dory B said...

I think that the future is not bright. There is very little to be optimistic about as we march onward towards a global war which pits the West versus the East. Israel knows about this war and it seems that the United States does as well. But are the French aware are the British or the Spanish who were already agitated into this war with bombings in their capital cities? Likely no as they sit on fences and continue to appease extremists and psychopaths who hate Israel and the West more than we ourselves love our own life. They are willing to gamble their children's lives and we are not.

Oz Almog writes:

"We shall not win this war because the Hizbullah cannot be uprooted from Lebanon just as it is impossible to uproot the Moslem fundamentalism prevalent throughout Arab countries. We shall not win, because on the other side there is a group of anti-democratic people (not marginal in the Moslem world) who have legitimized lying and falsehood. It is a group that creates a reality by mere words and imagination and not by empirical methodology, free speech and self criticism. Even if Israeli tanks stand at Beirut's door, Nasrallah will present himself as Sallah al-Din, and even if all his fighters fall in battle – he will declare victory over the Zionists. And most of his admirers (and they are many) will accept his lies. But above all, we shall not win this war because it is a single battle, just one more promotional campaign leading to the real war whose signs are already on the horizon. The third world war – Islam's war against the free world."
taken from,7340,L-3284057,00.html

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Paul Walker said...

First off...very good post viciouscyclist! Well said sir!

But to the original poster ( thehashman ) and "dory b" ... I understand your negative sentiments caused by the recent geo-political events, but I cannot agree with your overall worldview.

International politics is by far the most complex issue facing any world leader of today. There is no "cookie-cutter" foreign policy that can be applied to all allies, let alone rogue nation states. Nuance is needed...but that doesn't mean:

I: Offer Carrot #1
II. Offer Carrot #2
III. Attack

It's 7th street and it's about time that friends and enemies alike are forced to Showdown. And it really couldn't come at a better time...really.

First off, the #1 super power has a leader more supportive of Israel than any US President in US history...PERIOD.

Secondly, we have to recognize friends and allies such as Britain, Australia, Poland, and Japan that actually literally support us with human lives. Japan has the #2 GDP in the world, btw.

Thirdly, our foreign policy has to recognize that China, Russia...and yes...even North Korea are not a threat to the US. In fact, they are more of a threat to each other as they struggle with new economic freedom almost forced upon them by our most dominate economy.

1:09 AM  

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