Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bordering Insanity

The USA is a great nation not because of its fearless leader, but because of its character as a nation that respects basic human rights, mainly in the form of free speech. We have witnessed many controversial events - and many questionable events throughout the US and especially within the US' academia.

Berkeley has long served as the staple of absurdity, or the icon of "extreme liberal left" - in which many other academic institutions follow suit. Columbia is one of them. She is not as extreme as Berkely, but she has already had controversial guests speak.

What's fascinating to me is that there is so much evidence pointing to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his relentless agenda to stage war with the West. He is trying to rebuild a Muslim empire in his region, and at the same time instigating violent action in the region. He is a Holocaust denier (in Germany and other places that is against the law), he continuously funds terrorist groups, he has made Syria and Lebanon his puppets, and he has no regards for his own people, especially women and minorities. In other words, he is not only a cruel dictator, but he is also a human rights criminal.

And yet he is allowed to come into the nation of liberty, stand on a podium in front of so called intellects, and speak his mind - which we already know, is usually filled with garbage and propaganda.

In one light I respect Columbia University for being so bold and brave in challenging the opponents of this event, and at the same time, an institution like Columbia should be more reasonable when it comes to judgment. We don't need Ahmadinejad to convince us that he's not crazy - he's already proven himself guilty over and over again.

In any case, it's pathetic that people actually buy into his lies and ignore his local rhetoric. He is truly the Hitler of our era - and as long as people ignore this notion, the more power he will accumulate and the more realistic his goals will become.

Read more about his visit to Columbia here.



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