Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cease-fire resolution upon us?

It looks like the resolution was modified to meet more demands on both sides - and it could be in effect within days.

Read the resolution and understand what both parties are agreeing to.

As Gillerman was quoted saying, "this movie has been produced by Iran, directed by Syria, and acted by Hizbollah - and is coming soon to you."

While this war will certainly make it to the US and Europe, I firmly believe that the sequel is scheduled to be released in Israel even sooner. Hizbollah, Iran, Syria, Hamas and the PLO all still share the same objective: completely destroy Israel.

This cease-fire will give them all a chance to recoop, and launch another vicious cycle of violence with the aid of media outlets and the international community. We left 6 years ago, tolerated hundreds of missiles, abided by the resolution, but still fell under attack. Why?

The word of Hizbollah is worthless and meaningless. The world doesn't see this - but they will. And when they do, they will admit their deception and apologize for their ignorance. Sort of like during WWII.


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