Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Gaza Punishment

The independence and liberty the Palestinians asked and fought for was achieved when Israel made a complete withdrawal from Gaza. Instead of actions leading to establishment of infrastructure, institutions, and economic development, the Palestinians let Hamas take over the strip and promote an extreme Islamic regime and its violent agenda.

Thousands of rockets landed in the city of Sderot, and no response has been made. Instead of the typical large scale military incursion, the Israelis are taking a new approach. They are saying - if you don't let our citizens live in peace, we won't let yours. Note dozens of Sderot residents have been evacuated from their homes for months.

Israel supplies Gaza with much of its electricity and gas. This is a critical element in the complexities revolving Israel's stronghold on Gaza.

And finally, debated for a long time now, Israel has decided to move forward with a new policy of retaliation: cut power and gas in Gaza. Of course, it begins with one or two small areas:

Barak's decision to approve the plan prepared by his deputy, Matan Vilnai, is conditional on legal approval from Attorney General Menachem Mazuz and from the Military Advocate General.

The first sanctions will be implemented in the coming days, with electricity supply being disrupted during the evening hours for periods between 15 minutes to an hour each time.

Another form of sanctions that will be utilized is significantly cutting the volume of fuel, particularly gasoline, allowed into the Gaza Strip.

This is a big development and it is meant to remind Hamas who is giving them electricity for free, and how easily the gesture could be revoked. Israel does not want to cause a humanitarian crisis, she wants Hamas to stop firing rockets on Sderot.

The mess continues and it is not looking bright. Hizbollah and Hamas influenced by Iran and Syria continue their fight towards a holy war.

It appears as if there is no solution to this madness. One of the proposed solutions that I believe in is working closely with Jordan, Egypt and other nations (EU + US) to come to agreements regarding the sponsorship and ownership of Gaza and the West Bank. In other words, give Gaza to Egypt and the West Bank to Jordan, who is already 80% Palestinian. This move makes sense in all possible ways.

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