Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gaza Offensive - Sederot hit with Qasam's

Regional tensions have been rising consistently over the past several months. Hamas is again executing the orders handed down to them by Syria and Iran. With the constant war and nuclear rhetoric, it is no secret that something will happen. The question is when?

As history dictates, rhetoric leads to action. Why do we settle for repeating our mistakes, and not learning from previous generations? "History repeats itself" is a hint that we will never escape the cycle of human aggression and violent behavior.

We are barbaric creatures.

Palestinians fire 12 Qassam missiles Thursday to launch new “Gaza Offensive” and further escalate violence against their Israeli neighbors

The Israeli air force went into action against the missile sites forthwith.

The Palestinian missiles were directed at Sderot, Shear Hanegev, Nir Am and Gavim, causing heavy damage but no casualties. DEBKAfile’s military sources report that all the Palestinian terrorist groups, including Fatah al Aqsa under Hamas command, are behind Thursday’s barrage and have vowed to follow up with “hundreds of missiles a day.” Their assaults were already redoubled this week against Netiv Ha’asara, the first Israeli border village to be subjected to concentrated mortar shelling.

Officers in the IDF Southern Command maintain that, whereas Israel should be liquidating Palestinian terrorist bases inside the Gaza Strip, it has let the Palestinians grab the initiative and carry their the war across the border to strike at what they call “Israeli settlements.”



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