Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sympathy for the Devil

If you are a Rolling Stones fan, you certainly know the song "sympathy for the devil". While the song is incredible, it appears that public populations worldwide actually gain and generate sympathy for the devil.

This is an article I wrote to provide a hollistic picture of the situation in the Middle East with intentions of enlightening and educating the public - who in many cases refuse to acknowledge why today's events took place. Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with Bush's war agenda.

Here are a few paragraphs from the article: [Read the full version here]

I know that it's very simple to sit down in your home in front of the TV, appalled by the images shown, frustrated by the seemingly reality of abusive force, ignorantly pleading for the violence to end and for the diplomatic efforts to begin. To you apologetic liberals, please try to understand the nature of this current situation and the complexities surrounding it. We know war is bad and that diplomatic solutions are the way to go. But for over 20 years Israel has been the target of destruction by Hizbollah and its supporters. Hizbollah's charter calls for the destruction of Israel; and so all text books, rhetoric, teachings, and media focus on the very one topic - Israel's destruction.

Unfortunately, the world agenda doesn't call to show concern for this tragic reality. The world doesn't care about the people of this nation until Israel drops bombs on them. If they truly cared about these people - they would have made noise over the past 25 years as Lebanon has been fully "OCCUPIED" by Syria, and has completely lost its sovereignty to her. I guess the liberals tolerate occupation, murder, and disregard for human rights if its amongst two Arab nations.

In the US partisan based political sphere, we know that liberals tend to automatically disagree with Republicans, for the sake of opposing the "right". Liberals today have forgotten what it means to be a liberal, once defined as; Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.

Liberals are not acting up to this definition. In fact, they are doing quite the contrary. Today's definition of a liberal has become something resembling the following:

Favoring nations who practice policies of oppression executed by ruthless dictatorships, open to new methods of violence, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of the terrorists; including their narrow mindedness.

Ok, so it's a cheap shot. Think about it, though. The liberal movement was created to oppose such governments and policies - and in the USA, it succeeded in establishing civil liberties and rights movements throughout the past 50 years in order to achieve gender equality, ethnic and religious tolerance, and to gain open mindedness. Israel is one of the first governments to have a female leader in Golda Meir, has Arab members of the government, and represents an economy based peace seeking society.

I simply find it ironic that Liberals are the ones who end up defending (usually with blind eyes) organizations like Hizbollah, Hamas, Jihad, PLO, and nations like Iran, Afghanistan and Syria. It is because of these organizations and dictatorships that millions of humans are being oppressed, with complete disregard to basic human rights. Imagine living in a society where women have no rights whatsoever. Or better yet, a society whereby your head is castrated for criticizing your government. I had once written an article about the shift of agenda and behavior within the liberal movement - characterized by the phenomenon of unconditional self-critique. Liberals have made it a point to disagree before even attempting to understand the nature of the problem. If the Republicans believe in A, "we the liberals" are automatically going to believe in B.

European nations such as France and Germany, and people within the USA and other democratic nations have, with or without choice become ambassadors of sympathy for the devil. The devil, in this case is being represented by those who seek to destroy Israel and Jews. So much guilt lies within these so called liberal populations that through media (images) and PR trickery, viewers are easily manipulated in their way of thought, resulting in a completely irrational state of mind.

How can a nation claim that Israel is using "disproportionate" force when defending itself from a barrage of attacks? The reason is due to the de-legitimization of Israel's existence which is a re-occurring theme amongst extreme Muslim radicals and liberal nations.
Who would have thought? Liberals and Muslim extremists in the same camp?

Awful. Dreadful. Absurd. Disturbing.

Am I surprised? No. Not really. We live in a world where only 70 years ago human beings stood by and "listened" with open ears to the hints of Hitler and his thoughts about Jews - with absolutely no action taken until nations were completely conquered and destroyed and 6 million Jews were systematically murdered. Oh gee wiz, that only took place 70 years ago? Is it so incomprehensible that such a grave incident can take place again? With current anti-Israel sentiment sky-rocketing worldwide, we have a similar WWII formula in place: a crazy nutcase publicly calling for Israel's destruction, millions of brainwashed people that believe in this objective, and the deceived world sitting by quietly focusing energy on other matters.

Keep showing sympathy for the devil, and before you know it we'll be in the midst of another holocaust. With 15 million Jews comprising less than 1% of the world's population, Jews and Israelis now have a new enemy to face; the new Liberal movement.

[Read the full version here]


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