Saturday, September 09, 2006

Another protest in Tel-Aviv

I was riding my bike back home from a visit to my fathers, and all of a sudden I see police barriers on the streets with tons of human traffic trying to reach a destination. The site of Rabin Square (where Rabin was murdered) is typically the location of protests, gatherings, concerts/benefits, and more.

Last night was a protest organized by citizens of Israel demanding a full breadth investigation into the war, the way it was managed and beyond.

Protest leader and chairman of the Movement for Quality Government in Israel Attorney Eliad Shraga said at the rally "we have gathered here in all colors of the political spectrum, from all socio-economic levels, and holding a wide range of beliefs, in order to demand the formation of an independent commission of inquiry, a professional, objective and unbiased commission."

Just in case people forget, Israel, being the democratic nation that she is, manages to balance herself out through the force of internal critics.

Did anybody see the protests in Lebanon organized by the citizens calling Hizbollah out? I don't think you did, because those Lebanese who despise Hizbollah (trust me, there are more than you think) fear for their lives when only thinking about how bad Hizbollah is for their country.

Again, it all comes back to the fundamental difference: freedom of speech, democracy, morals, ethics, and the uncanned ability to question thy self."

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