Monday, November 19, 2007

"Gazan with cancer refused entry into Israel, and dies"

Haaretz published the article Gazan dies of cancer after being refused entrance into Israel - which describes the story of a 20 year old Palestinian cancer patient who was refused entry into Israel for security reasons and died.

This story has been exposed, and of course, thousands of people are heavily criticizing Israel. To those same critics, I say, you should be ashamed of yourself.

First; Israel has opted to help hundreds of Palestinians in the past, in most cases sick ones in need of medical attention. Israel has done this purely out of kindness and respect for humanity.
Second; Israel is faced with an existential threat - daily. Dozens of rockets fly into Israel from what is now deemed a "hostile" territory; the same Gaza the Palestinians wanted independence in. They got Independence, and instead of building hospitals and schools, they are building weapon stockpiles and bombs.
Third; Israel is not responsible for a person who is not an Israeli citizen.
Fourth; The cancer patient doesn't believe in Israel's existence, and doesn't want her help.
The list can go on...

Why in God's name should Israel help? Because they have the medical means? Give me a break - Egypt and Jordan, two "friendly" neighbors can also help. Wait, Israel must have caused the cancer, so she is responsible, right? Hah.

Also, should all of Africa's and Asia's sick cancer patience come into Israel for treatment?

Of course not.

People who criticize this story are morally blind, naive, and quite frankly, stupid.

Bottom line - Hamas and the PA need to accept Israel, make peace with Israel, and then they will be able to enjoy some of the friendly favors Israel is technically able to give. Until then, you can only blame the Palestinians and their rulers for the death of this young man. The rocket attacks need to stop as well.

*Note that the ones making fuss are Israelis = another sign of how humane, liberal and moral Israelis really are*

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