Friday, February 01, 2008

Winograd Report - Will Olmert Quit?

This past Wednesday, it snowed in Jerusalem and heavy rains pounded all of Israel.

These rain storms coincided with the release of the Winograd report to the public - an event that many people expected would trigger a political storm. The demands for Olmert's resignation have been heard already in past and ignored as well.

Did people really think that Wednesday would be that much different of a reaction than in previous instances? Or is this another lame attempt of the Media to blow the Winograd report out of proportion? We should not undermine the importance of Winograd - but at the same time, we should not expect an immediate revolution within the Government (i.e. Olmert resigning this week). Or, should we?

Status quo is in effect and will remain unless the people speak up. But then again, do the people want Olmert to resign now? He made mistakes, including major ones.

It is impossible to be the PM and not make mistakes. See the past PM's and their track record. Furthermore, think about the last time a PM completed a 4 year term.

Two points: 1) Being the Prime Minister of Israel is arguably the most difficult job on this planet. 2) The coalition based system in Israel has become consistently unstable.

It is not nearly as stable as the 2 party system in the USA.

George Bush has made horrible mistakes during his tenure as President. From Katrina, to 9/11 + Afghanistan, the Iraqi war, and his plain stupidity, one could build the case to impeach Bush and immediately replace him. But is that how it's supposed to work?
The Americans have learned to respect the rules of the system, harshly criticizing the President, but not going as far as demanding impeachment.

It's a difference of maturity and mentality.
The US is mature and experienced.
It has a working system that considers the future and the long run.
Israel is young and paranoid.
She has an evolving system - and a mentality that dictates no consideration of the long run/future. Rather, emphasis is placed on NOW.

To this point, I would not be surprised if Olmert is eventually replaced. This would be a much better option than calling for new elections. New elections would only cause disruption to the ‘relative stability’ and progress achieved. As for replacement, I endorse Tzipi Livni!

Olmert allies: PM won't quit despite damning war report

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told allies on Thursday that he would not step down as prime minister as the inquiry findings had granted him a reprieve and a boost for U.S.-backed peace talks with the Palestinians.

An official in Olmert's office said Thursday the prime minister would implement recommendations laid out by the government-appointed panel and would "continue to work."

Political allies said Olmert would not quit, and would soon try to build a broader coalition better placed to pursue divisive talks to forge a deal on Palestinian statehood before U.S. President George W. Bush leaves office in a year.


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