Friday, July 25, 2014

Harsh Realities

CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, and most mainstream media outlets have taken upon themselves the role of modern day Das Reich; a Nazi media outlet who specialized in propaganda. The same propaganda that enabled one man to convince an "enlightened" and progressive Western nation to annihilate the Jews because all their problems are caused by the Jews. 

This current cycle of ignorance, Jew hating double standard is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Through publications that are false and based on lies, photo-shopped images, coordinated scenes of actors, and what not to make Israel look bad - the world joins the party while eating popcorn. CNN and BBC are leading the charge, completely ignoring the human atrocities plaguing the globe as we speak; i.e. Syria is still murdering in the hundreds to thousands.

Before any Israeli response dozens of Rockets were fired into Israel on a daily basis from Gaza as an act of War; -- no mention of it on CNN/BBC. After all, who cares if the Jews are being attacked?  That's what we (the media) want, that's what they (Jews) deserve.  

I'm not denying the unfortunate destruction in Gaza.  But I'm also not denying the fact that Hamas who is responsible for the well-being of Gaza (not Israel) was warned multiple times to stop attacking the citizens of Israel or Hamas will be attacked. Hamas strongholds are targeted as well as tunnels that keep rockets hidden and flowing.  I hope one day will come where violence is no longer the option.  Only after Israel realized that restraint was exhausted (citizens living in bomb shelters) and warnings were ignored did she approve the defensive operation to stop the aggression from Gaza. Peres says "We warned them" after days of getting attacked without retaliation. No other nation on this planet would tolerate missiles and rockets without defending and retaliating. Then, all of a sudden headlines pummel the world's media outlets "Israel attacks Gaza" as if Israel wasn't provoked and attacked beforehand, and then the blind ignorant mass chimes in "'Screw Israel - Leave poor Gaza Alone" ; "Genocide by Israel" -- with images taken from Syria's Genocide. 

The Palestinians are smart enough to know that the world is dumb enough to believe anything that comes out of Gaza as a source of truth -- the one place where Freedom of Speech/Press is nonexistent.  Oxymoron at its best.  This is where BBC/CNN aligns with the Palestinians and together form a partnership of propaganda.

CNN/BBC jump on the opportunity to defame Jews, so they have to assume that photos that are being sent to them are real; publish it and write "Israel committing genocide"- with a picture from a completely different conflict.  This happens consistently proving malicious intent.    These are the tactics that made Germans look dumb, and make us look dumber.  

The Palestinians have figured it out.  The one thing that binds Europe/West with Arabs (and most of the world for that matter) is that mutual hatred towards Jews.  The Palestinians have wised up over the past decade in understanding that suicide attacks as a means to achieve destruction upon Israel is no longer as efficient as Nazi like tactics; defaming a people that is essentially an easy target; a scapegoat.  Using key words to handcuff the weak minded, i.e. Occupation; Apartheid; Genocide -- monumental success has been realized by the public relations of the Palestinian movements.  Tons of Boycotts emerged consequently and so those headlines from the 1930's-40's still echo today -- "Boycott Jews/Israel".  

The Palestinians are aware of the appeasement tactics of Europe, famously embedded by Chamberlain of the UK during WWII, and maintained through the years up to the current characters in Ashton and Ban Ki Moon.  All these nations are afraid because in one second the Arab league can hamper Europe's relations with the Arab world, especially as it relates to Oil. In addition, they choose appeasement to "control" the domestic Arab/Muslim citizens so they don't cause local hassle.   As such, Europe and Co. need to always show that they side with Palestinians first and foremost, regardless of circumstance.    

This appeasement strategy reminds me of the famous quote by Einstein:   "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."  

Most people generate emotional responses as a result of framing, spinning and lies delivered through our TV's.  Instinctively anger can take over and conquer any sort of rational thinking, especially the desire to understand "Why is Israel attacking Hamas?"  Today more people are calling out Hamas, including Egypt & Saudi Arabia - but the impact is marginal in relation to the mass attention of CNN and BBC on "Israel's Aggression" - not "Israel's right to defend herself or “Hamas relentlessly attacking Israel".   

The keywords have fallacy to them.  First, technically and legally speaking, the West Bank is not occupied land, it is disputed land.  There was no nation to occupy it from other than Jordan, the same Jordan that wants nothing to do with the West Bank, but still has peace with Israel and comprises a 60% Palestinian population. 

To understand the history of the conflict in a nutshell:

Australia, one of the more sensible nations has recently banned the usage of the term Occupied territory in the context of the Israeli Palestinian peace process.  This is because technically, it wasn't occupied from Palestine, and it is still disputed dating back to 1948/67 when the Arabs of the land rejected partition plans and called for Israel's destruction.  Australia is convinced that the usage of the term is not only inaccurate, but causes damage to the efforts of achieving normalized relations and eventual real peace.   

Gaza is ruled by Hamas. However, since Hamas has declared War on Israel and acting on those threats by continuously attacking Israel - there has been a blockade in place in accordance to clauses of the San Remo Treaty.  Once Hamas stops attacking Israel, the blockade will end.  It’s really that simple.  The blood of Gaza is 100% on Hamas hands. 

It's alarming that people of the West choose to sympathize with the portrayed weaker camp - when in fact it is Israel, the only safe haven for Jews on this planet, who is at risk of extinction. 

I often hear the usage of the term "proportion" being used by most mainstream anchors who act as demonizing agents; how can it be that no Israeli's are killed and in turn 150 Palestinians were killed?  Where's the proportion?  This is one of the most dangerous questions of our time, especially when only one nation in the world is asked that question. 

The reason most nations of the world including Israel oppose War is because of the innocent victims that fall victim.  It's an embedded rule in the concept of War. The moment a party (Hamas) declares War, they are doing so with the knowledge that many of their own will be sacrificed.  This should be a reason to seek peace, not war. Not only does Hamas use innocents as shields and barricades by launching rockets from populated areas, but they use all their and your money to stockpile weapons as opposed to building infrastructure (including bunkers) for their people. It would be a moot point if they never initiate attacks on Israel.  Knowing the nature of Hamas and the region, Israel invests in bunkers, Iron Dome, and education to mitigate casualties. It's quite a simple answer.  But the fact that I'm being asked is an act of my de-legitimization.  I have no right to defend myself.  I have to lay down my defense and be attacked till we all perish.  Absurd.   
If an armed man is knocking on your door and aiming an M-16 threatening to kill you and your family; you too will respond proportionally, right? Tell the cops to send one person to help you. What a joke.  Another Double Standard inflicted upon Jews.

Since proportion is after all just numbers and math - let's stop blinding ourselves and realize the true proportions of this conflict: 
Where there are approximately 1.6 billion Muslims covering this globe - that equals 23% of human population, there are only approximately 14 million Jews left - that equals 0.21% of total population.   

23% vs 0.21%       Fathom these true Proportions.

Hitler and his modern day successors performed well-- hence Jews remain an easy target till this very day.  When looking at the map of the world and the region, Jews represent much less than 1% of land and people. Palestinians are Arab Muslims and belong to the majority of this region. Hamas' mission to destroy Israel is not so far-fetched, seemingly. 

The core element we should sympathize towards is the fact that the innocent civilians of Gaza are ruled by Hamas who very simply doesn't care about them.  It can't be more obvious. Instead of blaming Jews and Israel, it's time to blame Hamas. Research how Hamas kills their own: many PA members were murdered as a civil war has been raging between the two factions for the past 7 years. If Israel is to make peace with Palestinians, it's with Abu Mazen of the PA who recognizes Israel's right to exist, not Hamas who is acting to achieve its mission of destroying Jews and Israel. It’s amazing that they don’t hide their agenda – and we still choose to ignore because it’s more convenient to blame Jews when and where possible.    View:    

As a conflict resolution student, I have faith that peace can be achieved between Israel and the Palestinians through a 2 state solution. Israel already defied expectations and made peace with 2 nations that swore to destroy her, Egypt and Jordan. Both those nations laid down their arms, and recognized Israel's right to exist.  Israel has shown her willingness to achieve peace and will inevitably negotiate final borders (over 90% of the final borders are agreed upon from prior negotiations) with the PA. 
It saddens me that Terrorists happily sacrifice their own people for political gains.  What's even sadder is that the world chooses to ignore this reality. Why?    

Hamas is opting to complete Hitler’s mission and sacrificing their own in the process. Just read their charter. Today as Israel accepted a cease-fire; Hamas rejected it and continues to attack Israel.  This is not a movie or a book; this is reality.   And the world that chooses to lash out at Israel as opposed to Hamas is very simply playing the role of those numb-minded Germans who applauded Hitler every time he spoke.

Calling Hamas "Militants" or "Freedom Fighters" is another aspect of de-legitimizing Jews.  Al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Taliban - those are no different than Hamas, yet in the world's eyes, if it's facing Jews with intention of killing Jews, we can bypass any terms that would justify Israel's actions of self-defense, the very same actions undertaken by most nations of the world who face Terrorism.  Once again, a Double Standard enforced by mass media.   
And the world with all its fake concern for humanity is proving that nothing will overcome Jew hatred.  I often claim that if we can find a way to prove that Assad of Syria is in fact a Jew, then the world (including "human rights orgs") would all of a sudden wake up to "show concern" for the 200,000+ people who were recently murdered and still being murdered. This is a true genocide that people ignore, why? Because no Jews are involved.   

Instead we see signs in Paris and London accusing Israel of Genocide.  How much more blatant of a lie and libel and be forced down our minds?  This is astonishing considering what we've already seen happen during the rise of Nazi Germany and what we pledged would never happen again.  

This has nothing to do with "concern for Gaza"-- it has everything to do with dehumanizing Israel and Jews any way possible.

If people were concerned for Human life; for Muslims; for Arabs--we would still be hearing their outrage in relation to the 1 million deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan; or the 250,000+ murders in Syria; or the thousand oppressed in Egypt & Iraq; or the hundreds of thousands being murdered across Africa, and or and or.. The list goes on.  If people were concerned for the Palestinians of Gaza they would have taken the appropriate steps and actions to expose Hamas as tyrants that abuse their own; they don't enable one element of Freedom; everything is controlled; Gays are stoned to death; and Palestinians from the W. Bank hide in fear. Not to mention the Christian Arabs of Gaza, who suffer from persecution – forced conversions to Islam.   

If they really cared about Gaza, they would have launched campaigns to Free Gaza from Hamas!  many years ago.   --

Israel, as it stands, is more Democratic than any nation on the globe, even more so than the 2 party system of the USA. It is very far from being Apartheid. Israel is a direct Democracy where multiple parties build coalitions; such that over 30 political parties represent the specific populations, including 5 Arab/Muslim political parties.   Arabs serve in Israel's government and Supreme Court. They have freedoms just like any other citizen. Don't be fooled when hearing those keywords. All you are doing is insulting the victims of true Apartheid, S. Africa.  
Gaza/West Bank Palestinians are enemies of Israel since 1948 - not citizens of Israel.

*Israel's Arab Members of Knesset (equal to congress/parliament) frequently incite against its own nation -something no nation would accept, but Israel does. I call it "Extreme Democracy"    

*Israel is the only Western Democratic nation on this planet that incorporates elements of Sharia Law to address the needs of the local Arabs/Muslims.

*All basic Freedoms that Arabs lack across the Middle East are enforced in Israel - the main reason no Arab Israeli (over 1.2 million Arab/Palestinian Israelis) will never leave Israel.  They know they will never get the same rights they have in Israel.  
*Israel is the only Western nation where you can hear the Muezzin - the calls for prayers for Muslims.  Why can't we hear it in Brussels? London? Paris? Los Angeles?  I hear it in Tel Aviv and I am proud!  

I once had a blog where I would share news that mainstream media chooses not to share, including many false claims, bad reporting, lies, all coming out of Gaza/West Bank.   I had to shut down my blog because I was being harassed, hacked, threatened, and bombarded with Arab-Muslim animosity that couldn't stand me sharing truths.  The fact that CNN and BBC go un-punished when publishing lies and false information is another sample of "turning a blind eye" and promoting the double standard, hypocrisy, and libel towards Jews.  This is another example of how Nazi tactics are being replicated; through aggression and mainstream lies and framing. 
The famous quote echoes through the boundaries of this globe:
"We will use your Democracy, to destroy your Democracy"

They are on track. With social and mainstream media working in "Democracy's" favor, we have a dark road ahead of us.  

"Never Again" sounds more than ever like a fading fantasy.


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