Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bibi vs. Obama: The new clash

It was very clear that Bibi's government and Obama's government were not going to see eye to eye, at least not to the extent of Bush's hands off policies.
Obama's FP crew consists of former Carter advisors, and are well known for their tougher stance against Israel (i.e.vocal against settlements).

Bibi is now faced with a sticky situation. On one hand, he has to listen and consider very carefully the "new" US demands, while he has to abide by his own internal commitments to his government (parties) and to the public.

This past week alone several settlements were destroyed and I expect this trend to continue. Bibi met with Obama, and I am positive he was firm.

At the same time, Bibi won't budge 100%, and will eventually stand up to Obama's demands, most likely out of an attempt to show his internal supporters that he is not "America's puppet".

I don't like this path, and I can only hope Bibi knows how to maintain the right balance of appeasement between US and Israel.


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