Monday, February 18, 2008

Hezbollah Declares "Open War" against Israel

Open War against Israel? Is Nasrallah on crack? Hezbollah has been conducting an
"Open War" against Israel since it was created in 1982. The confrontation between the two peaked once again in the Summer of 2006.
The war has been ongoing since 1982 and is nowhere near the end.

The assassination of Mugniyeh triggered a lot of anger within Hezbollah, which is expected. However, this time, Syria and Iran have been much more vocal in their criticisms of the event. They know his role in historic terms. He was their Saint.
Why not use this act to escalate the confrontation? That is how most large conflicts erupted throughout our history.

Is this when both nations take a much more visibly active role in the "Holy Jihad" against Israel? Is this the event that will ultimately trigger the escalation towards WWIII?

These questions have got us thinking... and quite negatively to be honest. In realistic terms, the revival of the confrontation between Israel and Hezbullah was largely expected. The question was when...from last Summer, to Winter, and now to Spring.

Nobody is sure who killed Mugniyeh, but it appears to be the Mossad.

It will be interesting to see how Hezbullah revives the war, and even more interesting is what roles Syria and Iran will play.

Israel is on high alert. Is this new? No.


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