Friday, February 08, 2008

Israel cuts about 1% of energy to Gaza

The last time Israel moved forward with such measures, she was slammed by Human Rights groups. Today, it's the same thing. The measure is intended to put pressure on Hamas to stop the rocket attacks. The pressure is in a form different from military operations or incursions. When those take place, Israel gets slammed by Human Rights groups as well.

So it's a lose-lose situation for Israel. No matter what she does to defend herself, she will be harshly criticized. Instead of condemning the daily rocket attacks on the civilians of Israel, the Human Rights groups continue their anti-Israel agenda and focus.

Israel has to stop reacting to the criticisms as they have to be deemed flawed, biased, and an act towards the de-legitimization of Israel, and her right to defend her citizens.

Palestinian militants launched at least a dozen rockets at Israel on Friday morning, a day after Israel began cutting electricity to the Gaza Strip in an attempt to halt the barrages.

Late Thursday, Israel cut back around one percent of the power it supplies to Gaza, Defense Minister spokesman Shlomo Dror said. Israel will continue gradually scaling back electricity until the territory's Hamas rulers end the rocket fire, he said Friday.

"It's their choice. They need to choose if they want to keep investing in rockets and in attacking Israel or if they want electricity from Israel," Dror said.

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