Monday, February 11, 2008

Protest in Tel-Aviv - Sderot at mercy

It has become a daily norm. Rockets landing in Sderot. There is no doubt that the Israeli government and the inaction as a policy helped create this reality.

Sderot is being sacrificed. --> To the point whereby everybody accepts this reality. This is a scary thought. There is rationale behind it, though.

Cost and benefits (in all facets) in this case is working in favor of the Israeli gov. (and nation).
In addition, military incursions have proved to be unsuccessful - from small to large scale operations.
Lastly, any military defense measures are looked upon in negative light by the world.

You figure that despite mass populations turning a blind eye to the reality in Sderot, the people of Sderot will eventually rise up reach out and impact public opinion. The end result would be increased attention to the Sderot situation - including a change of military policy. From being conservative and selective, to becoming pro-active and larger in scale.

Residents of the rocket-battered Negev town of Sderot on Monday blocked Tel Aviv's central Ayalon freeway and then marched to the Defense Ministry's compound, in a second day of protest aimed at stirring more intensive government action to combat Palestinian rocket fire from Gaza.

Some 150 residents marched down the highway, the city's major traffic artery, which cuts through the heart of the city. They headed for the Defense Ministry compound in Tel Aviv, while police tried to convince them to stop blocking traffic.

After a few hours, the protestors reached the defense establishment compound and began protesting in front of its gates. Demonstrators chanted "Olmert, go home," and "Red Color" [the code for a Qassam alert]. They also urged Defense Minister Ehud Barak to resign.

Hamas said it fired 135 rockets between Tuesday and Saturday.

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