Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Israel vs. Hamas - exactly what Hamas wanted

The Hamas charter calls for the destruction of Israel. There is no two ways about it. It is black and white: Hamas doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist.

Hamas launched a bloody civil conflict and murdered their own "brotheren", those associated with Fatah (or the PA), and took control of then 100% free Gaza.
Gaza has been free of IDF presence since 2005 when they disengaged. Civilians of Gaza live in fear and are brainwashed daily. The whole world including Israel recognizes the PA as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinians.

There is a rift within one entity.. a literal civil dispute.. anarchy; a total reflection of the Palestinian identity; unsure of itself, and quite new.

We're not talking about border dispute, not talking about ideological differences, we're talking about the literal right to exist.

How can you force yourself to negotiate with someone that has an ultimate goal of killing you? Is this not an obvious contradiction? Does that mere fact not take away from their credibility? Trust?

It does.

That's why Arafat through the Fatah officially recognized Israel and paved way for Oslo. That's why the PA today is legitimized in the International community, and that's why Israel sees Abbas as the only legitimate negotiation and peace partner.

To the ignorants who base their opinions and knowledge on media and images - you ask about proportionality in war? Umm.. when you have a valid argument, speak your mind. Until then, stop the appeasement, the sympathy for the devil, and wake up!
In the hundreds of thousands of wars and conflicts througout human history, there has never been a rule of proportionality. - In fact, if there was, all of Europe would be speaking German until this very day and Nazi rule would prevail.

To create such a notion, and apply it "all of a sudden" to Israel, is quite obviously an act of hypocrisy, double standard, and anti-Semitism.

It's foolish, naive, and not even idealistic; just plain stupid.

My take is that this subtle global double standard and hypocrisy must stem from pure anti-Semitism, because there is no other rationale... Israel is a democracy sworn to protect its civilians... Hamas, their charter calls for the destruction of Israel.... and you want diplomacy to succeed? It's simple math - it won't (and I say this with pity being an ambitous Diplomacy student).

The PA was overthrown by Hamas in a Palestinian civil war... did anybody cry then? Dozens of Palestinians were killed by their own.

The PA is the only legitimate negotiating partner for they have recognized Israel's right to exist.

2 years after Israel withdraws from Gaza in hopes for peace; we get thousands of missiles and rockets launched indiscriminately on civilian populations.

Israel and the people of Israel say: enough is enough, we extend our hand out for peace.. and this is what we get? Hundreds of thousands of civilians living in bunkers. Hamas, as an official terrorist organization will not be excused anymore... no matter what the European, American, or Arab "liberals" think or say.

Their judgment is blind and thus worthless.

Every Palestinian woman, child, grandpa and grandma that died in this operation have only HAMAS to blame. Hamas, as Mubarak from Egypt was quoted "gave the IDF reasons to invade on a golden platter".

You play with fire, you'll get burned. You'll play with it in your home, you're family will die too. Sick reality? Yes, that's what happens when dealing with mindsets that reflect holy wars and intolerance.

Human shield tactics reflects this inhumanity we are dealing with. Let's kill our own so we can give Israel bad press. --> BUT NO, we "liberals" will defend the "weak", no matter how inhumane they are.... wow, what an upsetting contradiction. The same Hamas that people are defending are using their own people for their own political gains. They are brainwashing them to hate and kill, and then to die for exploitation purposes; to expose a harsh reality through the media.

ISRAEL IS the INHUMANE one and TO BLAME, despite having 1+million Muslim Arabs that are Israeli - and whereby not one of them wants to leave! I wonder if it's because they have this thing that we liberals used to embrace.. you know, that thing called human rights? or basic rights? freedoms... that thing. In Israel Muslims have political parties; have private businesses; live without fear; and have Shaaria law enabled (no other Western nation has Sharia law enabled for the minority Muslim population).

*Here are some videos for enlightenment to counter the CNN-HAMAS alliance and to start to stand up to the clueless who speak so loudly, yet base their voice on what they see on TV, not what they learned though history books. SAD! or As Jon Voight put it, "nobody talks about what happens in Israel every day".

Dam, the Nazis are coming back in a different costume..RUN JEWS RUN!!!
The Nazis were also liberals. Scary, eh?


An Arabic news report on human shields - seems reasonable to accuse Israel of making up such a concept; but it's real, and it's sick! WATCH HERE

This is a nice one from Bloomberg following his recent visit to Israel.. he joined the fun in having to run for shelter within 15 seconds (in Sderot) three days ago:

This is a bit sarcastic.. but nice, on what you need to do to effectively boycott Israel and Jews: Boycott Israel

Jon Voight on Israel : Voight Speaks his mind

Wafa Sultan (Arab) on Arabs and their true nature:


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