Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hope lost?

A lot is happening around the world today, but as has been the case for sometime now - the spotlight is on Israel.

The people of the so-called "enlightened" world are becoming more and more convinced that the troubles of the world are in fact Israel's fault. This never ending attempt to question Israel's legitimacy is tiring and discouraging, while the blatant hypocritical double standard placed on her expands beyond any sense of reason.

It is the scapegoat effect - where it's easy to target 17 million people out of 6.5 billion on the planet. It's been the story of the world, and it remains the story of the world.

When you think humanity has reached its peak - you discover that humanity is only acting according to the rules of nature; history is starting to repeat itself.

WWIII is upon us. Different faces, places, and races - but end result will be more strife, more death, more suffering.

Perhaps if we didn't feed extremism with appeasement -- things would look a bit differently.


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